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Stoke Newington Property Guide

Stoke Newington Property Guide

Properties in Stoke Newington

The properties in Stoke Newington are typically spacious Victorian terraces that retain their period features. These period buildings typically have brick façades, some of which have stucco exteriors on the ground floor. Many of the terraced period properties have been renovated and made into apartments. This has made this north-east area of London popular for young professionals, couples, and renters.

Read on to find out more about properties in Stoke Newington, or visit our Stoke Newington property market data page.

Victorian properties dominate the local architecture. South of Church Street, you will find two and three-storey terraced homes with three or four bedrooms on quiet, tree-lined streets. More spacious properties are located in Carysfort Road and Clissold Crescent, where you’ll find salubrious four and five-bedroom red brick properties.

Some of the most ornate period properties are in the streets surrounding the large Abney Park Cemetery. Here are superb examples of Victorian architecture with characteristic tall, pitched roofs, fancy brickwork, and homes with high ceilings. You will also find properties with steps leading up to the front door.

As is typical with Victorian houses in London, most properties have a small front paved yard, bricked porch, and private back garden. This means that off-street parking is relatively rare in the neighbourhood.

However, Stoke Newington isn’t all about decorative Victorian properties. There is a scattering of fine Georgian townhouses on Sanford Terrace and Church Street. In addition, the small streets off Church Street have many Georgian blocks of flats.

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Houses for Sale in Stoke Newington

The housing market in Stoke Newington is booming, with house prices soaring over the past 15 years. According to Land Registry data, between 2009 and 2017, the average house price in the area increased by over 68 per cent. Some years saw a 25 per cent increase in a 12-month period.

The average price of buying a flat in this quiet north-east London area is around £517,000. And it’s flat sales that account for most property sales. This makes purchasing a flat in Stoke Newington more than the Capital’s average. The average house sale is between £1.2 million and £1.8 million, depending on the property type – terraced, semi-detached, or detached.

Most new houses constructed in Stoke Newington are small developments converting former industrial properties or building on infill sites. However, as part of the area’s regeneration, Hackney Council is redeveloping the Woodberry Down estate to the north of Stoke Newington. This aims to build 5,500 new homes, 41 per cent of which will be sold as affordable housing.

Renting in Stoke Newington

Renting a flat in Stoke Newington is popular because of its proximity to Central London, excellent transport links, great schools, and green areas. There is a large stock of rental accommodation in the neighbourhood. However, because of its regentrification and popularity, renting in Stoke Newington can be more expensive than in neighbouring Clapton, Hackney and Finsbury Park.

You will typically pay around £300 per week for the cheapest one-bedroom properties in the area. However, the average is £400 per week.

Stoke Newington attracts a wide variety of residents, including families, media employees, and City workers. Due to the higher cost of renting, it’s also popular with sharers who rent a house in multiple occupation (HMO).

Popular Streets in Stoke Newington

The most popular roads in Stoke Newington are the quiet streets and cul-de-sacs off Church Street. This long, winding street has superb properties and some of the largest Victorian mansions in the neighbourhood. For example, Carysfort Road, Clissold Road, and Dumont Road have spacious bay-fronted Victorian houses with two or three storeys.

Church Street also runs past the expansive Clissold Park and Abney Park. It has several independent shops and restaurants on it. Other popular streets in Stoke Newington are those surrounding the two green areas. Therefore, Queen Elizabeth’s Walk and Bouverie Road are excellent locations to buy or rent a place.

Stoke Newington Schools

One of the attractions for house buyers or renters in Stoke Newington is the outstanding primary schools and comprehensives. For example, Willam Patten, Jubilee, and Grazebrook primary schools all have an “outstanding” Ofsted rating. Comprehensive schools include Stoke Newington School & Sixth Form, Mossbourne Community Academy, Our Lady’s RC for girls, and Clapton Girls’ Academy.

Green Areas in Stoke Newington

Clissold Park and Abney Park are two green open spaces that give Stoke Newington residents respite from hectic city life. Clissold Park is ideal for relaxing evening walks or picnics on the weekend. In addition, the park has plenty of leisure facilities, including tennis courts, football pitches, a playground and a public skatepark. Also, the 18th century, Grade II Clissold Mansion holds cultural events throughout the year.

Abney Park is one of London’s magnificent sevengarden cemeteries but, having been abandoned for many years, a uniquely wild atmosphere has now developed. Today, this historic site is managed by Abney Park Trust, who maintain its urban wilderness to protect its abundant wildlife and 2,500 varieties of plants. This magical setting is often used for TV and film productions.

In addition to the two parks in Stoke Newington, Woodberry Wetlands and Finsbury Park are close by.

Living in Stoke Newington

What is there for local residents in Stoke Newington? The neighbourhood has a reputation for strong community spirit and revolutionary thinking. And this spirit is reflected in the type of shops you can find there. Almost all shops are independent, and the residents famously stopped a large supermarket from being built.

There is also a wide range of artisan coffee shops, classy independent restaurants and cafes, and convenience stores. Also, nearly all the restaurants, apart from a few, are independently owned.

Transport in Stoke Newington

The primary public transport links from the neighbourhood to Central London are buses, the Underground, and the Overground railway network.

Manor House Tube station is on the Piccadilly line and is a 20-minute commute to Covent Garden
There are also regular train services to Liverpool Street and easy access to Docklands and Shoreditch. There are also several bus services to Victoria, Waterloo, and London Bridge.

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