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Property Sales Valuations

Property Sales Valuations

If you are selling your home, the first thing to do before putting it on to the market is to organise a property valuation. Next Move can help you get a much clearer idea of what your property is worth, using our local expertise and market knowledge to get you the best price.

Types of valuation

At Next Move we offer two types of property valuation:

Online Valuation

An online valuation is a fast and efficient way to see how much your property could be worth on the market. While an in-person valuation will offer more detail, requesting an online valuation can be extremely useful, as it gives you an indication of the potential sale price.

Next Move offer instant online valuations, taking only a matter of seconds to tell you how much your home could be worth.

In-person Valuation

To get an accurate idea of a fair market price for your home, you should book an in-person valuation so it can be fully assessed. There are several factors that influence the final valuation, including the location, size, and current condition of the property. Getting a professional valuation is the first thing you should do before you put the house onto the market, as it ensures you are in the best position to secure the highest sale price.

Local Valuation

When it comes to property valuations, one of the most important benefits you can enjoy by using a local estate agent is knowledge of the area.

Our in-depth knowledge about the current state of the local property market and trends that could affect it in the near future are invaluable. It’s important to have access to this sort of information because it allows you to set a price that is realistic and more likely to lead towards a faster sale.

We will have recently sold properties that are like yours and have a strong understanding of the right price level that can attract serious buyers.

Accurate and fair

When you are selling your home, setting the right price will have a big impact on the type of buyer you attract and how quickly you can sell up and move on to your next home.

If the price is set too high you will find it difficult to attract bids, as buyers will consider their options elsewhere. You could get lucky and secure a great price for a strong profit eventually, but it could take much longer to reach that point.

On the other hand, selling too low will enable you to sell the property quickly – but you run the risk of underselling the value of your property and missing out on money that could’ve been put towards your next home.

At Next Move we understand the importance of setting an accurate and fair price, ensuring you can maximise the value of your home, while also giving you the best chance of securing a fast sale. Our job is to work for you to get the best price possible on the market, connecting you with high quality buyers who are ready to pay the right price without any unnecessary delays.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

We have been helping people to sell their home in Islington, Stoke Newington, Clapton, and surrounding areas since 1987. We’re an independent local estate agent who provide impartial advice and guidance to our clients to ensure a fast sale at the best market price. Our team are transparent about everything we do, so you always know where you stand in the process and are always happy to answer any questions or queries you have about our valuation service.