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Get your home Sale Ready

Lilian | October 25, 2018

If you are putting your home up for sale, then you will no doubt be looking for ways to improve your chances of making a good sale as quickly as possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to maximise a property’s chances of impressing potential buyers. Here are a few tips to get your home sale-ready…

1. Create a Clear Canvas

Every person who comes to view your house will have one main thing on their minds, and that’s whether or not they can visualise themselves living there. Sure, they may have other more specific boxes to tick, but the fact that they are viewing your home means they are already interested in seeing how they would fit their life into the living space of your property. Thus, it’s important to allow their imaginations to work effectively, and that means removing as much clutter and personalised items as possible.

There’s no need to completely clean the place out, but we do tend to collect a lot of clutter over the years and it will help to trim the fat, so to speak. Try to minimise the amount of personal items such as ornaments, photographs and even bathroom products that are immediately visible. Store as many of these items away in cupboards as possible so the viewer isn’t constantly confronted with the fact that it’s your house and not potentially theirs.

2. Freshen-Up the Decor

A new coat of paint here and there and a new (or borrowed!) rug to cover any worn areas of carpet, plus replacing any broken cupboard or door handles is always a good idea. If the tiling in the bathroom or kitchen is dirty, then consider getting it re-grouted. Also check that all the light bulbs are in working order and that the windows are clean. Talking of cleaning, consider if it’s worthwhile hiring a professional service to come in and give the whole place a deep clean.

3. Don’t forget the garden

If you have a front or a back garden, or both, then take the time to ensure that none of the plants, bushes, shrubs or trees are overgrown. This is especially important during the warmer months when the ‘outside room’ is of even more importance to a prospective buyer.

Even during winter, an unkempt garden puts off a lot of people so get the trimmers out or hire a professional gardener to do it for you (if it’s a particularly big job). Once the garden areas are neat and tidy, try positioning a small table with a chair or two in a spot where the sun shines, or just somewhere the potential buyer can imagine themselves enjoying the lovely view your garden-tidying exploits have created.

4. Let the Viewer Use Your Parking Space

Even if it means parking your own car around the corner or somewhere further away and walking back for five or ten minutes, being able to park directly by your house will impress the potential buyer before they’ve even got out of their car. That is the ultimate kerb appeal.

5. Have All Your Paperwork Ready to Go

Just getting your house ready isn’t the only thing you need to do. To ensure your house is 100% sale-ready, you will need the conveyancing process to have been started as early as possible, plus your solicitor to provide a full breakdown of the costs and fees involved with them helping you sell the property. You will also need to discuss the process with your mortgage lender to see if your current deal can be transferred to your new property, or if something else will be required.

The potential buyers will also need the likes of building certificates and guarantees for the likes of double-glazed windows and the boiler. So, when you set about getting your home ready to impress buyers, make sure you have all the paperwork ready to go when one of those buyers decides to buy.

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